A product of Crescent School is a blend of talent, skill, knowledge and culture.

You can feel assured of the best things happening to your child.

Crescent School is a friendly, exciting and stimulating place to learn.

The unique feature of this institution is that it infuses ethical values in the learning process and mould students with wisdom and knowledge that transcends all religious barriers.

A feeling of secularism and high purpose is instilled in each student.

We enhance the knowledge of students and help them reach the stars.

We cherish every single student.

Our school offers a safe and orderly environment that nurtures and

strengthens the whole child-body and mind.

Our students participate in a highly engaging education system, develop

leadership skills and learn to build good relationships with other students

and staff members.

Our teachers are caring and provide individual attention to our students.

They have the necessary support to deliver superior classroom instruction.

All our support staff members (Counselors, nurses, bus drivers, social

workers, etc) work hand-in-hand with teachers and administrators to meet

the needs of every child.