IMG_1246IMG_1299IMG_1302IMG_1376IMG_1310JAS_8161JAS_7747IMG_1696IMG_1184Crescent Castle Athletic Meet at Fernhill.
Crescent Castle Public School conducted their Athletic Meet at their new venue at Fernhill.
Mr. C.Kalaichelvan,IPS, Superintendent of Police, Nilgiris,Presided.
Students of classes 1 to 5 walked past the main pavilion waving and welcoming the Chief Guest, parents an visitors.
Students of classes 6 to 12 marched past while the salute was taken by our chief guest,who also lit the Olympic torch and declared the meet open.
Apart from the usual field and track events which were keenly contested,a Spectacular display of drill was exhibited by the whole school, giving every student an opportunity to be part of the Athletic Meet.
A Ribbon drill was performed by the students of classes 1,2 and 3 developing their Neuro muscular co ordination.
We had 170 Sunflowers of classes 4and5 performing the movements of the Sunflower in the form of a drill, reminding us that parents, teachers,friends and society provide the required sunshine for the healthy development of an individual.
Classes 6 and 7showcased their co ordination in the form of a Pom Pom drill, with intricate movements.
Classes 8 and 9 added colour to the show as they performed their Rainbow drill with precision and expertise.
The Cherry on the cake was the Pyramid builders, who depicted the name, CRESCENT,as part of their formation and reminded us as they built other  pyramids, that when we talk to or about others,we should use words to build up and not to tear down.
 The parents and visitors had their share of fun at a card elimination event.
The last is always the best, where the teams of the four houses, Sapphire,Topaz, Aventurine and Ruby,put in every ounce of their stamina to give us an afternoon of excitement.
This resulted in Aventurine house being crowned as the champions of the meet with a close runner up in Sapphire house,followed by Ruby house and Topaz.
Mr.Farouk our correspondent commented, A good school is a community of Parents, teachers and students,run by someone with vision, passion and compassion. Teachers not only enjoy the experience of preparing students for academics, but also for the world out there.

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