At a spectacular, solemn ceremony at which the Sub Collector, Coonoor, Mr.Ranjit Kumar Singh IAS presided, the Student council was invested with badges of Responsibility.
Student Council
Head Boy                             –             Prithwindra Balaji
Head Girl                             –              Rachana
Sports Captain                   –              Sharath
Sports Vice Captain          –              Hafsha
Cultural Captain                –             Sereena George
House Captains
Sapphire                              –              Gowtham, Hafisha
Topaz                                 –              Nishesh, Rakesh
Aventurine                         –              Ashish, Kaviya
Ruby                                   –              Prajith, Sushmith
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While delivering his inspirational message,  he appreciated parents, teachers and the school, though what you are exposed to now may not be relevant, it will surely stand you in good stead in the years to come.

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