The annual day sports meet of the crescent play and primary school was hosted on 9th of March. It was indeed a day filled with thrill, shrills and cheers as it was organised for kids less than 5 years of age. The chief guest Mr.Amar Kushwaha project director of HADP took the salute. The guest of honor Mr Sumesh district forest officer-Gudalur honored the prize winners.IMG-20190311-WA0033 IMG-20190311-WA0034 IMG-20190311-WA0035 IMG-20190311-WA0036 IMG-20190311-WA0037 IMG-20190311-WA0038 IMG-20190311-WA0039 IMG-20190311-WA0040 IMG-20190311-WA0041 IMG-20190311-WA0042 IMG-20190311-WA0043 IMG-20190311-WA0046 IMG-20190311-WA0047

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